We are happy to offer a variety of tailored solutions to meet your site requirements, be it for personal occupational hygiene assessments for noise induced hearing loss or for vibration exposures and even into the realms of long term environmental noise and vibration surveys or permanent installations.  


We can provide you with all the equipment, servicing and installation you require to make sure you have the information you need when you need it.


So please do contact us to discuss your requirements and application in a bit more detail and we will be happy to help.

Type 1 Intergrating Sound Level Meters with options for full telemetry in either portable, semi-permanent or permanent applications.  Our Environmental Noise monitors are the complete solution for environmental noise compliance.  For these instrument please visit our sister site


Our range of vibration meters gives unrivalled measurement capabilities for hand arm and whole body vibration exposures.  The technology in these instruments bring the most advanced new solutions to measurement and management of both HAV exposures to prevent HAVs and vibration white finger and WBV exposure to help prevent long term back pain.

The complete solution for environmental vibration measurement.  Capabilities include full telemetry and 1/1 or 1/3 octave band frequency analysis.  With our newest vibration meters the geophone is Intergrated into the monitors so no need for any cable breakages. f or these instruments please Vit our sister site


Noise dosimeters provide the ultimate solution in personal noise exposure.  With options including bluetooth connectivity a noise dosimeter is built to manage real world exposures of your workforce.  With an extremely intuitive interface and software the unit are push to play and can even be locked to make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible.


we have a variety of our options available for monitoring sound and noise exposure.  Our range covers bases from personal dosimeters through to fixed permanent environmental sound monitors and everything in between.  Our specialists are happy to discuss your application in more detail be it building acoustics or environmental noise monitoring at airports we can help achieve the right solution for you.