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The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) Registered Suppliers Scheme (RSS) has recently launched its newest Measurement & Instrumentation Special Interest group. The group meets quarterly and includes manufacturers and distributors from across the UK including ourselves here at Safety Monitors. The aim of this group is to disseminate information useful to the UK marketplace without any bias. The groups most recent campaign is focussed on Bump Testing of gas monitoring instrumentation as all parties have recognised the lack of awareness in industry for this vital part of personnel protection.

So what is a bump test?

Simply, it’s applying a small quantity of gas to an instrument in operation to confirm the performance of the unit against a known standard.

All manufacturers recommend bump testing as standard practice for operation of gas monitors but yet it is infrequently done by end users.

So why not rely on an annual or 6 monthly calibration check?

Well, the 6 monthly or annual inspection performed by us or any other service centre confirms the performance on the day of the test. Dependent on who is performing this calibration they may or may not also make recommendations with regard to replacement sensors or changing of spare parts. As a fully authorised level 2 service centre for Honeywell and Gasclip Technologies we will always make these recommendations, but this still doesn’t guarantee your instrument is working when you come to use it.

Bump testing is a quick, simple and low cost check that can save lives. A gas monitor which isn’t responding to gas is as useful as a brick so why not check the instrument every time?

To perform a bump test is a simple procedure as all units are supplied with a calibration and testing cap all you need is a canister of the appropriate gas and a regulator, apply the gas to the unit using the supplied cap and check the response on the sensor is what it should be.

There are also automated systems available for bump testing our monitors which include everything you need to keep your instrument going at the touch of a button.

From BW by Honeywell we have the Intellidox systems which look after the BW Clip single gas monitors, Clip 4 and MicroClip XL/X3. This system can be daisy chained up to 5 different units as pictured on the cover and can have multiple different gas concentrations attached to it at the same time to take care of almost every format of monitor.

We also have the AutoRAE 2 Systems available for the RAE Systems instruments which include cradles for the ToxiRAE Pro Single Gas, QRAE3 4 gas monitor, MultiRAE multigas instruments and the handheld PID cradle which can be used for either the MiniRAE 3000 series or UltraRAE Benzene specific instruments. This in use in a controller based system (as pictured) again has multiple ports available for different gas types.

The last option we have from GasClip Technologies is the MGC Dock which is available in multiple variants for the SGC Single Gas Monitor, MGC 4 gas with 2 month charge or the MGC Simple 2 year disposable 4 gas monitor.

To aid in the use of these different stations and to assist in manual bump testing we have created a number of videos freely available on the Safety Monitors website and youtube channel.

In order to help our customers maintain their instruments at peak performance for the long term we are also now offering maintenance contracts over 1, 3 and 5 years. Our contracts provide all servicing and calibration requirements, a free loan instrument whilst your unit is in for service and 20% off spares and accessories for the duration of the contract. In order to keep costs low we are able to offer flexible payment terms over monthly direct debits or annual renewal payments. Contracts are available on new instruments purchased from Safety Monitors or on instrumentation purchased from other suppliers after the units have been initially inspected by our engineers.


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