Honeywell Safety Suite - The New Age for RAE and BW Fleet Management Software

If you are responsible for gas detector compliance management, you already know that collecting, analyzing, and reporting such information can be extremely time-consuming.

The Honeywell Safety Suite enables you to manage your fleet of Honeywell portable gas detectors and docks with ease - RAE and BW together for the first time. It reduces the burden of administration and simplifies compliance so you can concentrate on keeping people safe.

Its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface enables you to pull all the necessary data in an intelligent, effective, and time-saving way. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures that all the data is encrypted, minimizing privacy threats.

Quick specs

  • Available in two versions, suitable for local deployments (Windows based software, Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator) or multi-site fleet management (Cloud based software, Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager) Compatible with both Honeywell BW Technologies and RAE Systems products

  • Easy worker - device assignment

  • Reduced maintenance through streamlined Firmware Management

  • Save time with one click data download for all instrument data.

Connecting Devices with Safety Suite Manager

The devices connect to Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager through a software called Gateway, installed on a computer at the customer site. The Gateway software can be accessed and installed after the customer logs into Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager and creates a Site corresponding to the physical location of the devices. The user guide provides more details about installing and configuring the Gateway.

Does Safety Suite Support Migration from ProRAE Studio, Fleet Manager II and IQ Management?

Safety Suite supports data migration from Fleet Manager II for all the supported instruments. In addition, it supports data migration for GasAlert Extreme. Existing Fleet Manager II instances should be upgraded to the latest version before initiating data migration. The software also supports data migration from ProRAE Studio II for all supported RAE instruments. In addition, it supports data migration for QRAE II. Data migration from IQ Management Software Suite is supported for ToxiPro.


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