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The WatchGas QGM is a multi-gas monitor engineered to keep you and your staff safe while working in hazardous environments. The WatchGas QGM offers detection for up to four different gases.


The WatchGas QGM is able to detect the deficiency of oxygen, poisoning by H2S and CO, and the lower explosion level of combustible gases present. When the concentration of these gases exceed

the predetermined values of the TWA, STEL, high- and low alarm, the WatchGas QGM will raise the alarm through vibrating, flashing LEDs and a 90dB acoustic alarm. A built-in data- and event logger registers peak and average alarm values, calibration dates, bump test information for up to 2 months. All logs can be downloaded to PC through the WatchGas IR-link software.


We can offer you the QGM as a 2-, 3- or 4 gas monitor.


The QGM comes with a catalytic sensor or optional IR sensor to detect combustible gases. If the optional IR-sensor is used, the QGM’s battery life changes. The low energy consuming sensor utilizes far less capacity than the pellistor enhancing battery life to 2 months allowing continuous operation with only one initial charge.

Watchgas QGM - 2-4 Gas Monitor available with IR or Pelister

Gas Configuration
Special Sensor Options

    • IECEx and ATEX zone 0 approved
    • Simple single button operation
    • Easy calibration and bump check with optional dock
    • Rugged and durable housing
    • Displays Time weighted Average and Short-term Exposure Limit values
    • Adjustable alarm levels using the WatchGas IR Link

    • Data log: up to two months or more
    • Optical, acoustic and vibrating alarms



    • (Petro)chemical plants and factories
    • Tank storage parks
    • Sewage and wastewater treatment facilities • Mining industry
    • Construction sites
    • Governments/first responders
    • Food and beverage industry

    • Datasheet

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