This is Wave

A smart radon detector with quick and accurate results on your smartphone. Additionally, you can simply wave in front of the detector to get a visual indication of your radon levels.


A smarter radon detector

With Wave, we wanted to make a device that would fit in every home that everyone could use. You will gain peace of mind, knowing your radon levels in real-time with first results in an hour.


Glow ring
Our easy to understand visual indicator shows your radon levels with a wave of your hand.


Free mobile app

The mobile app brings your levels to your fingertips. Using Bluetooth, your smartphone pulls data from the Wave whenever it is in range. The app is easy to set up and Bluetooth allows for a low-energy solution making the battery of your device last.


CHECK YOUR RADON LEVELS INSTANTLY Accessing your radon levels in real time is necessary to minimize the potential health effects. Know your levels by using the free mobile app or by waving your hand in front of the device to receive a color code. These color codes are easy to understand, making it a device for all ages. Green (good): Air quality is good, radon is low. Yellow (warning): Air quality could be better. Red (danger): Air quality is not good; radon levels are high


NOTIFICATION Wave will notify you on your mobile phone or tablet when you are within range of the unit. You will also receive audio alerts and notifications via email when Radon levels are too high.


SPECIFICATIONS Radon sampling: Passive diffusion chamber Detection method: Alpha spectrometry Operational Environment: 4°C to 40°C Measurement range: 0 – 9999 Bq/m3 Weight: 219g (with batteries) Dimension: 120 mm (diameter), 36 mm (height)

Wave Radon Monitor

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